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‘Our Promise’

‘All of us at Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd will work diligently to ensure our services help you meet with your environmental obligations. We are dedicated to preventing hazardous mercury waste from entering landfill, and are 100% committed to protecting the environment for future generations’

We work with some great people and businesses in this industry. We believe that they share the goals enshrined in our promise, and many of them have become valuable recycling partners and friends in the UK.  We are pleased to list them below.

Useful Links - Defra - Health Protection Agency - Health & Safety Executive - Environment Agency - Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Landfill Regulations -England and Wales - Scotland - Northern Ireland - UK Environmental Waste Legislation - UK Recycling Guide

Industry Information – Lets Recycle Magazine

Local Authorities

Enlightened Lamp Recycling - Partners - Surrey County Council

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