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Our Recycling Equipment

Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd's lamp crushing and mercury distilling equipment is ‘State of the Art’. It is tried and tested and is the equipment of choice for several reputable international companies.


No Emissions!
No Dust Loss!

One of the most important factors when dealing with mercury is to prevent the release of contaminated dust and mercury vapour into the atmosphere which may cause mercury poisoning. Negative pressure is applied throughout our system to ensure that contaminated dust and mercury vapour are kept inside the recycling machinery and not released into the air. Emissions are treated using an activated carbon filter stack.

Proud of our ‘State of the Art’ Distiller

Our mercury distiller is worthy of special mention. Other distillers in the UK can accommodate only a very small quantity of lamp powder per distilling cycle. We have invested in a distiller that has been specially designed to accommodate 4 x 55 gallon drums of lamp bulb powder in one distilling cycle. This not only gives us the ability to handle large amounts of mercury bearing lamp waste efficiently, but also large volumes and sizes of mercury contaminated industrial / construction waste, such as sludge, rubble, components plant and machinery. Our distiller is monitored 24/7 via broadband by an expert team of technical staff.

All of this means Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd can offer competitive rates to meet with your needs.