Handheld Mercury Monitor

Mobile Mercury Monitoring

ELR Ltd. is also pleased to offer a further service for those who need to know whether they are exposing themselves to the risk of  mercury poisoning.

Of all the facts about mercury, the most important is that it is toxic, whether in metallic form or in compounds.  Even after  any spillage is removed, it can linger as trace particles or as a vapour in the air.  Repeated exposure is very dangerous.  It enters the human body by absorption through the skin and/or by inhalation.

You may be familiar with ‘The Hatter’ in Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The reason he is described as ‘Mad’ is because mercury was once used to cure the felt used in hat-making. Touching and inhaling mercury during the hat-making process meant that over time the hat makers experienced neurological damage, confused speech and distorted vision. As the mercury poisoning progressed to dangerously high levels, the hat makers often suffered from psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, hence the phrase ‘as mad as a hatter’. Death inevitably supervened.

This is clearly one of the largest concerns for anyone handling mercury-bearing products (e.g. fluorescent bulbs, dental amalgam, certain medical equipment, various batteries) because of the risk of mercury being released through unintentional breakage or leakage, and trace particles and vapour lingering afterwards.

Your Safety

Alongside our primary focus of recycling mercury waste we are equally dedicated to ensuring that you are safe when handling or working with mercury-bearing products. To that end, we provide a mercury detection service which accurately ascertains mercury levels where you live or work.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring Equipment

ELR Ltd. has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to monitor the mercury content in any environment, and to remove any contamination that is detected. Not only is the equipment the best of its kind; we pay strict attention to calibrating it regularly. This ensures that at all times the equipment is ready to work at the highest levels of accuracy.

Trained Technical Staff

This equipment and the monitoring service are operated by fully trained technical staff who are available at your call.

Once contacted we will arrange for one of the team to visit you, make the necessary evaluation and prepare a report detailing the relevant data, so that appropriate action may be taken. This could well entail a decontamination procedure.


If you are at all concerned that the level of mercury where you live or work is a potential health risk please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.