enlightened lamp recycling - lamp collection - 7.5 ton lorry

Lamp Collection

Collection/Delivery Procedure

Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd initially provide you with recycling containers for your lamp waste, to be located at your premises. At that point we will invoice you for either the rental or purchase price as appropriate.

At the next and each subsequent collection from you or delivery to us, we substitute an empty container for a filled one.

We will always endeavour to substitute a container which is in the same or similar condition to the one collected.

Usually we endeavour to collect your waste lamps and fluorescent bulbs within 3 days of notification; however we will always do our best to accommodate your needs if shorter notice is given.

ELR Ltd’s 6 Easy Steps to Legal Lamp Disposals

  1. Ring or email us and tell us your requirements. If you are unsure, we will advise you.

  2. If you need containers, we will send them to you, usually within 2 working days.

  3. When you are ready for a collection, ring or email us. At this point, we need your email address so we can send documents and instructions to you.

  4. Your lamps and bulbs are collected (usually within 3 working days) and documents are signed off at the point of collection.

  5. Your lamps are transported to our premises and recycled. You will receive a 'Consignee’s Return to Producer’ document in due course.

  6. We will send you replacement containers to fill up ready for the next collection.