We are licensed hazardous waste carriers and our operators are fully trained in the handling of mercury waste


We process your lamps in-house via a fully monitored system to assure optimal performance and safety.


Our process yeilds mercury at 99.99% purity.  All other recyclates are re-used or sent for re-processing into valuable commodities wherever possible.

For mercury recycling please see out dedicated website - click here

mercury retort
New Mercury Recycling Retort now in Place

  • Lamp Tubes Lamp Tubes Lamp Tubes approach the cutter
  • Lamps Arrive in Container Lamps Arrive in Container
  • Collecting the Powder Collecting the Powder
  • Best Available Technology Best Available Technology

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Lamp Recycling

Welcome to Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd, your premier recycling partner for bespoke Mercury Waste Solutions.

Specialising in lamp recycling we primarily recycle spent fluorescent lights and tubes but we also deal with a wide range of waste materials that contain mercury.

If you are looking for a solution to a mercury waste problem we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that together we find the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

If you are looking to find out more about the mercury waste recycling business we hope you will enjoy exploring our website – please feel free to get in touch for help with any further information you may need.

A Unique Approach to Helping You

At Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd we believe that service matters. When you contact us for help, you will speak directly to friendly senior managers dedicated to and capable of delivering excellence in customer care, technical and compliance support, logistics options, or indeed any aspect of this emerging and fast-growing industry.

We are also uniquely the first, and only, company to be granted an IPPC permit by the Environment Agency to operate a mercury recycling service in Surrey. This prestigious accreditation is vital for any company undertaking the recycling of toxic lamp powder and mercury waste.

Your Peace of Mind

Mercury waste is hazardous waste.  Under environmental legislation all businesses in this country now have a statutory duty of care to ensure the safe and proper disposal of this type of waste.

All our services are fully compliant with the law. Working with us gives you complete peace of mind – we ensure you will comply with your legal and environmental obligations. We provide a full audit trail documenting our handling of your hazardous waste. You will have nothing to worry about!

Our Promise

All of us at Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd. will work diligently to ensure our services help you meet your environmental obligations. We are dedicated to preventing hazardous mercury waste from entering landfill, and are 100% committed to protecting the environment for future generations.

We hope you find the content of our website useful and look forward to being of service.

The Team at Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd.


Environment Agency Environment Agency Environment Agency

IPPC Permit Number

CP (A) A 1989
Reg No EAN/944858/CB
AATF Approval Number